Recipe: Verde

Did you know that today is Eat a Cranberry day? Why stop there when you can have a cranberry AND a cocktail? Try a Verde cocktail today, original recipe from Chief Judge, Lauren Mote, featuring Snow Queen Organic Vodka and a cranberry garnish. Cheers! Ingredients: 1.00 oz Snow Queen Organic Vodka 0.50 oz Amaro Nonino [...]

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Recipe: Tom Collins

Going back to work after a long weekend is not easy. We’ve got just the fix to pick you up! Try a Tom Collins today, recipe by Chief Judge, Lauren Mote, featuring Greenall’s London Dry Gin. Ingredients: 1.50 oz Greenall’s London Dry Gin 0.75 oz Lemon Juice 0.75 oz Simple Syrup 1:1 Soda Method: Shake on [...]

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Recipe: Westphalia

Today is National Gin Day! The Perfect day to try this tasty cocktail from VISC Chief Judge, Lauren Mote, featuring London Dry Gin. Try this recipe at home and celebrate the National Gin Day with friends! Ingredients: 2.00 oz London Dry Gin 0.75 oz Red Vermouth 0.75 oz Killepitsch Herbal Liqueur 2 dashes Bittered Sling [...]

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Recipe: Americano Cocktail

This weekend will you be relaxing or having fun? Whatever it is that you're doing, you can do it with an Americano cocktail in  hand. Try this recipe today from VISC Chief Judge, Lauren Mote, featuring Amaro di Angostura. Cheers! Ingredients: 1.50 oz Amaro di Angostura 1.50 oz Campari Sparkling Water Method: Build and pour [...]

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